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November 2013 President's Message

By:  Russell Tobe, M.D.


Dear West Hudson Psychiatric Society (WHPS) membership, colleagues, and friends:

With respect to our expansion and growth as a district branch, current times are exciting for
WHPS for two primary reasons. First, we have allocated significant effort (in no small order
from our Executive Director) to increase funding through grants in infrastructure and educational
support. This has positioned us as one of the more financially sound district branches regionally
and amongst the most sound (if not so) in our history. Second, we have revitalized our efforts to
reach all members across the district.

These efforts have reestablished longtime professional relationships while developing new
collaborations. Our fall educational forum was an exemplar of this positive advance. The
meeting was superbly attended, without an empty seat, and, sadly, with a need to turn people
away due to space limitations. The audience included new faces, many of whom are energetic
younger psychiatrists looking to forge professional contacts while contributing to and benefitting
from APA initiatives including education, advocacy, and mentorship. This has now spilled over
into our Executive Council meetings bringing fresh perspectives and desire for involvement.
Senior colleagues have also been responsive and generous in advising and guidance. In a year
where the APA is scheduled to be in New York City, the opportunity for further expansion and
adaptation of our branch is ripe.

So for all of you out there who may be on the sidelines after years of prior involvement or for
those of you who have never had an active part within the branch, there will be no better time (in
my estimation) than now to become involved. The next Council meeting is January 17th and all
members or prospective members are welcome to attend.

Now down to business. Please note that though details including DSM 5 topic and venue are still
in the works, we will be hosting a DSM 5 educational meeting with dinner on February 7, 2014.
Because this dinner is supported by grants obtained by and allocated to the branch, there will be
no financial cost to members. But there is no such thing as a free dinner. In this case, the cost is
suggestion of DSM topics by December 9, 2013 through emailing If topics are not suggested, Dr. Bark and I may be forced to talk
at length about the difference between DSM 5’s “Other Specified Schizophrenia Spectrum and
Other Psychotic Disorder: Delusional Symptoms in Partner of Individual with Delusional
Disorder” and DSM-IV’s “Shared Psychotic Disorder.”

With respect to the educational forum, those who attended were generally quite pleased. Dr.
Leventhal deftly navigated Autism Spectrum Disorders, from epidemiology through
neurobiology into treatment. The lecture was entertaining, interactive, and highly educational.
Dr. Leventhal was incredibly gracious, staying late into the night to answer specific research and
clinical questions. For those who missed, we have included a synopsis, kindly reviewed and
approved by Dr. Leventhal, that outlines the main points of the lecture. So, as usual, we will
leave this column short and sweet. Please remember to stay involved and reach out with
suggestions and requests. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the DSM 5 dinner.

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